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I went to a protest in 2008 against the first round of infinite bank bailouts and had lots of good conversation about the Newlerd Order and other such things with several people.  When the subject of Ron Paul came up the notion of assassination attempts on him if he were to become president came up.  One person said something I still find shocking yet easy to believe.  He said that Ron Paul would never be assassinated because the Chinese Mafia has a protection order on him.  According to him anyone who would dare such a thing would live to see everyone he knows killed in retaliation.

This person was extremely credible on other topics but that’s not the reason why I still believe what he said.  I believe it because it only makes sense that China, which is owed over a trillion dollars by the U.S., would have an interest in protecting someone who could actually help our economy heal rather than staying on its present course of certain destruction.

Chinese people take the long-view perspective on history.  It is a defining aspect of their culture.  Test scores prove that Chinese people know more about American history than Americans do.  They know better than we do that it was liberty that fostered the incredible prosperity that made the U.S. an economic powerhouse.  And they fully realize that their own recent prosperity is due in large part to their ability to supply Americans with all the goodies their wealth allows them, wealth attained largely as a result of being free.

Whether the Chinese Government would ever allow their own citizens to have the amount of freedom Americans have enjoyed for so long is a question for the philosophers.  But to the realists and economists it is very clear that China depends greatly on its biggest customer, the people of the U.S., being free to earn money to waste on cheap Chinese trinkets, funding their own economic growth and providing relative contentedness for their own citizens.  It makes perfect sense that Chinese ‘private concerns’ would have a great stake in the future of not just Ron Paul but the liberty movement as a whole.

The recent moves away from treasury note purchases, large purchases of gold, and the encouragement given to their own citizens to buy gold are all evidence that China is growing weary of the self-destructive fools currently running the show.  To the degree that Ron Paul embodies a return to fiscal sanity, it becomes that much clearer that the biggest fan of freedom and liberty in America ought to be China.



Originally published on Daily Paul 6-19-12:

Originally published on Daily Paul 6-19-12:

I’ve never met that tenth dentist, but if I did I might ask him what he thinks he knows that the other 9 don’t. Dentists are trained experts. You wouldn’t argue with one dentist, why would you oppose nine? You’ve got to be either pretty brave or pretty dim to stand against 9 guys your certain to encounter at conventions and award ceremonies throughout your career.

If one of the other 9 dentists really wanted to get that 10th guy over on to their team, rather than trying to convince him of the error of his ways through rhetoric, pleading or threats, they would be better off using Third-Party Validation, aka Social Proof.

Third-Party Validation is simply when someone believes something because someone else believes it. It’s easy to justify buying a certain toothbrush because 9 out of 10 dentists recommended it, finding someone more attractive if they are ‘spoken for’, or even voting for a candidate because so-and-so endorsed them.

Outside of the 9-1 dentist war that has been raging most of my life, the most familiar version of TPV is the car dealership scenario. Here, a person goes in to look at cars and they talk to a salesman. A first time buyer believes that they will be negotiating with the salesman and buying the car from the salesman. Then, suddenly, the salesman stops them and says “Wait, I’m sorry. I’ll have to go ask the manager about that.”

After a very, very long time the salesman returns. He tells them he’s sorry, but the manager said that they can’t upgrade the tires unless they pay $65 for labor, and they’ll quickly agree. The salesman apologizes for giving the wrong figure. You forgive them bacause, after all, the manager must be smarter about cars than the salesman, and they’re certainly smarter than the customer.

Social Proof (SP) is another version of TPV which occurs in social situations where you can see everybody, managers and all. The people who are talking will have others drift towards them, rather than other lone people. Guys who walk in with a woman will have every other female’s attention. The simple fact that this man has the approval of just one female will be proof enough to the others that he is at least worth investigating.

And on TeeVee, between the toothbrush commercials, we can hear newscasters spout lines like ‘some people say’ or ‘we just had an expert on who would disagree with you’ or ‘how is the MARKET going to react?’ Always pitting the ‘guest’ against some unseen, all-knowing, omniscient 3rd Party. A third party is even created when one talking head tells another that they can both agree on at least one thing – stocks are a great investment at any time.

What does all this have to do with Ron Paul Activism?

(Before that, for those who are starting to think that TPV is some evil trick, a fourth and final example of SP/TPV is the question ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ He is the most unobtainable and omniscient of all Third Parties, and everybody knows what Jesus would say was the right thing to do. So this can be used for good or evil, and even if you never use it to get something from someone, you should know that it will be used against you at some point.)

I saw an expert on TV who said Ron Paul will win it all…

This Paulistinian’s daughter told him Ron Paul will be president:…

One thing I have said to people is “I’m not a soldier, but my uncle and grandfather were, and I know that the military gives more to Ron Paul than all the other candidates combined. I’m certain these soldiers know more than I do about national defense.”

Another will be ‘Have you heard of Joe Scarborough on CNBC? He voted for Ron Paul.”…

Enough of mine. What do you all think?

Originally published on Daily Paul 6-11-12:

As a purely conciliatory measure, symbolic if nothing else, Dr. Paul should at least make public what position he would consider offering Mr. Romney within his cabinet.

My idea would be Secretary of Liquidating all the Furniture, Computers Etc from the former Depts of Education, Energy, Commerce Etc. (Sec. of LFCEFDEECE)

<p>I don’t know if it’s because he quoted the bible, or if people don’t get the connection that ‘sword’ in this context means weapon of war, but people sure are up in arms over it.<br /><br />Heck, half the time people think they’re quoting the bible they’re actually referencing something Shakespeare, or Bacon, or Mark Twain actually said.  Even grampa Ole could have said it more eloquently:</p><p> </p><p> </p>

Play with fire and you’re gonna get burned.

You mess with the bull you get the horns.

Stick your hand in a hornet’s nest and you’re gonna get stung.

Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you.

If you buy a sour cow then expect sour milk.

You juggle chainsaws you’re bound to lose a toe.

This is why we are not free to hurt other people.  Whichever form harm takes, be it a lie, theft, physical pain of any kind or length of time, threat of physical pain.  All result in a loss, to some degree or another, of the person’s ability to make free choices, to make decisions for themselves that could end up being viewed as either right or wrong.