This is why we are not free to hurt other people.  Whichever form harm takes, be it a lie, theft, physical pain of any kind or length of time, threat of physical pain.  All result in a loss, to some degree or another, of the person’s ability to make free choices, to make decisions for themselves that could end up being viewed as either right or wrong.



George Carlin on Real Time with Bill Maher


A period at the end of a sting of words states that a complete thought has been communicated.  not necessarily something smart.  Or rational, or meaningful, or meaningful to you but not to him, or even anything worth trying to interpret.  Some of the song titles with periods could be called commands, 2 others are rather cowardly in a way. And at least 2 of them are normal sentences that can be understood to have no logical meaning, provided old and obscure definitions are known by the reader.  The other 9 titles are pseudo-random words selected from a dictionary on the basis of how likely they were to appear in the lyrics, should anyone ever write lyrics for them as I won’t, since I know I can’t and am willing to admit it to myself.

I may be wrong.  It’s very likely that I am wrong.  I own a rhyming dictionary and 3 other assorted books on meaningless pop culture lyric-track fabrication, so it is probably nothing more than my sense of self-confidence that’s stopping me.  I may even have some inborn, undiscovered natural vicissitude on the frock.  Maybe I secretly write lyrics so powerful and meaningful and motive that they change the course of human history.  But I don’t let them be published until 50 years after my death.  You might say it would be wrong to do this, when the world so clearly needs such healing now rather than later.  I don’t think I would ever do something like that if I could write lyrics which, except for live blues, rapping, or at a smackdown, I can’t do.

So therefore, the titles of the songs of various numbers of words from 1 to 5 without periods are words without any rational meaning at all, since they don’t convey or even attempt to convey a rational thought.  And even though the other three songs have titles with periods at the end, which means I was trying to say something I thought had meaning, even if you don’t get it, or you don’t like it, or you like it but think its too slow.

Of course we can see where many of my possible choices are wrong, and one may think that you also have the right to suggest to be wrong, and come over to me and tell me that I should at least try to write words for the songs and see what happens.

meaning they are saying a complete thought.

The right to be wrong?

Who wants to be wrong?!?

Why the right and not the privilege?

I still have the right to be right, right???

If we all have a right to be wrong do I still get to offer unsolicited advice to friends, relatives, and strangers?

Is this some kind of Machiavellian theory!?!

Can this right be taken away by my government, my boss, my parents?

Again, who wants to be wrong, anyway?!?

I heard somewhere that free will is a myth, and right and wrong are just myths perpetuated by our ego-driven psyches.  What do you think of that???

Does this right authorize me to go out and be a jerk to everybody?

If not, then why does it even matter to begin with?????

I’m not going to pretend to have the answers to all of these questions, but I intend to find them eventually, and I’m inviting you to join in the search.