The right to be wrong?

Who wants to be wrong?!?

Why the right and not the privilege?

I still have the right to be right, right???

If we all have a right to be wrong do I still get to offer unsolicited advice to friends, relatives, and strangers?

Is this some kind of Machiavellian theory!?!

Can this right be taken away by my government, my boss, my parents?

Again, who wants to be wrong, anyway?!?

I heard somewhere that free will is a myth, and right and wrong are just myths perpetuated by our ego-driven psyches.  What do you think of that???

Does this right authorize me to go out and be a jerk to everybody?

If not, then why does it even matter to begin with?????

I’m not going to pretend to have the answers to all of these questions, but I intend to find them eventually, and I’m inviting you to join in the search.